Our keynotes


All fields of application of the railway construction. For standard-gaug railway, underground or tram - BUG is always your partner. Our next step is to enter the foreign market.


Satisfaction of our customer has highest priority. Therefore we offer flexibility, innovation and engagement on a high level.


Outstanding of peak achievement you can only reach with other competitors and with reliable partners. This is the only way to construct traffic routes cost effective.


Our aim is to consolidate our position on the market in consideration of profitability and the job security to guarantee the continuance of our company.


The staff is the most valuable good of the company. Therefore we promote the education and the development of the knowledge (technical Qualification is also included).


New technologies and the know-how of our engineers is the basis for an optimal process sequence.


Quality is not a product of lucky chance. Our management responsible for the quality is the basis for a successful working. Our slogan is "it is better to avoid defects than failure corrective actions".

Social gathering

We make a contribution to the development of the infrastructure. As well we take into consideration the interests of the human being, the social gathering and the environment.