Berlin civil engineering Division references

End-state conveyance for ‘Guben Nord’

Customer: DB Netz AG
Size of contract: 1,7 million euros
Construction period: 08/2014 – 12/2015

  • Conversion of three level crossings, Removal of one level crossing
  • Dismantling five sets of points, Track renewal at two level crossings
  • Trenching and cabling, road construction, telecommunications, 50 Hz

Conversion Ostkreuz VP 10.2

Customer: DB Netz AG
Size of contract: 3 million euros
Construction period: 02/2013 – 12/2015

  • underground cable works (cable ducts, cable trenches, crossings in enclosed and in open construction), during track possession periods
  • installation of precast concrete elements or driven pile for signal foundations, including the necessary suboil and associated unexploded ordnance investigations
  • conversion of the overhead line equipment

IKI optical cable Magdeburg - Güterglück

Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG
Size of contract: 1.1 million euros
Construction period: 01/2013 – 12/2014

  • Cable-laying works including the construction of 15 kilometres of cable routes, cable ducts and support-mounted conduits made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic
IKI optical cable Magdeburg - Güterglück

Seddin marshalling yard

Customer: DB ProjektBau GmbH
Size of contract: 2.5 million euros
Construction period: 07/2012 – 05/2015

  • Cabling works - cable duct and crossings in enclosed construction up to DN 900, and in open construction as concrete tube bundles up to a maximum of 20 tubes of DN 110
  • Supply and erect marshalling yard conveyor equipment
  • Lay foundations for track lighting, supply lighting masts
Seddin marshalling yard

Reichenbach – Hof electrification

Customer: DB ProjektBau GmbH
Size of contract: 2.8 million euros
Construction period: 03/2012 - 07/2013

  • Clearing of site for gradient lowering
  • Supply, laying, and installation of optical fibre, telecommunications, and 50 Hz cables
  • Building new electric points heaters and track lighting

Frankfurter Allee electronic signal box

Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG
Size of contract: 8.5 million euros
Construction period: 10/2010 – 04/2014

  • Cable laying services, track construction, signal foundations, crossings, cable ducts; rebuild track and points; signal brackets, special BBL system, foundations, LST sheet pile wall, adaptation of old installations, angle supporting walls

Malchin–Lalendorf IKI optical cable

Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG
Size of contract: 0.6 million euros
Construction period: 10/2010 – 11/2011

  • Refurbishment, calibration, and pressure testing of 26 km of existing tubing
  • blow and install optical cable, optical cable joint fitting, FIST cable terminations, measurements
  • civil works, emplacement of concrete distribution station and cable ducts
  • Construction of approximately 5 km of supported duct

Zeuthen and Storkower Straße stations

Customer: Station und Service
Size of contract: 0.41 million euros
Construction period: 08/2010 – 12/2010

  • Removal and replacement of platform edges
  • guide systems for the visually impaired
  • paving work

Alt Stralau railway bridge

Customer: DB ProjektBau GmbH
Size of contract: 2.1 million euros
Construction period: 07/2010 – 04/2014

  • underground cable works
  • overhead line systems

Binz–Prora electric signal box

Customer: DB Netz AG
Size of contract: 2.1 million euros
Construction period: 04/2010 – 03/2012

  • Cable duct excavations, signal foundations, crossings, cable ducts, rebuilding track and points, overhead line equipment, road works, compressed air equipment, water filling station, building security, telecommunications, control, signalling and safety engineering, catenary control equipment, 50 Hz, track lighting and planning

Mannheim Train Formation Depot

Customer: FEW / Sona
Size of contract: 1.4 million euros
Construction period: 11/2008 – 03/2012

  • Installation of EDG 93.200 sorting track secondary retarders, hydraulic station for retarders, TW-6F retarders
  • welding of track joints, logistics
  • associated underground cable works and cable duct construction

Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) Airport

Customer: Elpro GmbH/Westmontage GmbH
Size of contract: 17.8 million euros
Construction period: 02/2008 – 12/2012

  • Installation of all underground cables for the electricity supply and telecommunications/information technology networks
  • supply and installation of approximately 550 sections of cable duct as manholes with a total weight up to 50 t
  • lay cable protection tubes DN 110 / 160 as tube bundles with 1 to 64 tubes – total length of tube approximately 330 km DN 110, and 150 km DN 160

Falkenhagener Kreuz rail junction electric signal box

Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG
Size of contract: 7.0 million euros
Construction period: 01/2008 – 06/2012

  • extensive cable-laying works (cable channels/ducts/crossings in open and closed construction, in protective steel tubing up to DN 600, or as single DN 110 tube) mainly while taking advantage of track possession on the Schönwalde–Golm section of line
  • modification and new construction/removal of a number of level crossings along the section
  • installation of prefabricated concrete foundations or driven pile foundations, including the necessary site survey and associated ordnance survey

Erkner railway station reconstruction

Customer: Echterhoff Bau /Kemmer GmbH
Size of contract: 1.8 million euros
Construction period: 10/2007 – 12/2010

  • Set up, maintain, and remove temporary ladder rack cable support systems
  • construct new cable ducts and manholes
  • install crossings with cable protection tubes, steel tubing to DN 600, up to 60 m maximum length
  • installation of longitudinal track drainage to DN 600, part of which is in a drinking water protection area
  • Refurbishment of surfaces and platform edges